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Each of the estates has its singularity and is characterized by a unique landscape and by its own natural attributes. At the same time, the cluster they form together constitutes one of the most valuable and representative samples of the distinctive ecosystem of the southern coast of Tierra del Fuego, and the design of the division program has been conceived not just to maintain but to increase this "cluster value". Therefore, a Program of General Principles of Management has been established in order to guarantee that the actions developed in each fraction are adjusted to the criteria of sustainability as defined in the Wildlife Refuge Program to which Estancias Moat is affiliated (Programa de Refugios de la Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina).

In this manner, those who already own or in the future acquire one of the estates can be certain that the area will perpetually maintain the extraordinary quality that has turned it into one of the most emblematic natural areas of Tierra del Fuego.



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