ubicación Estancia Moat
Estancia Moat

Estancia MOAT is located in the Northern rim of the Beagle Channel (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina), 80 km away from Ushuaia city. It has an area of 8.100 hectares and occupies a coastal strip between 2 and 3 km wide, which spans along over 30 km. Most of the Estancia is located on the southern slope, the valleys and the piedmont of the No top and Sin Nombre ridges, whose height oscillates between 450 and 600 meters above sea level.

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Thus, it is placed among a cluster of protected areas and natural reserves with a very high natural, historical and archaeological value. In order to arrive to the Estancia, you must drive through a section of the Ruta Nacional N°3 and Ruta Complementaria J, praised among travelers for leading –precisely in Estancia Moat– to the Southernmost place in the world  that can be reached by car.